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I have my Beretta PX4 loaded and chambered with an extra magazine. That's 29 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 180-grain. .40 S&W.

Honestly, I have a great M4 and an awesome shotgun, but they're kept put away. I live in a small place and it just feels absurd to have those out for the evening. If the threat is not deterred by over two dozen rounds of .40 S&W - in which case I'm really in trouble - I should be able to walk the twenty steps to my closet by then and bust out the heavier stuff, but none of the heavier stuff is instantly accessible like the PX4 is.

Also, much more importantly, I lock my doors and windows and I keep an eye out for sketchy things.

It helps that living in Wyoming means you're about as likely to be attacked by wildlife as a person, and neither are very likely if you're not stupid about things.
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