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self defense weapons?

Dear Sirs,
I have no weapons. I do not believe in violence and would never hurt anyone, even in self defense. God did not put us on this earth to cause harm to others.

(HONEY!!! Is that black SUV still by the driveway??? I think I heard a helicopter close by. Close the shades.)

Where was I. As I was saying, my wife and I use plastic sporks to eat with as even plastic knives can be a threat.

(HOLY CRAP....There goes that black SUV again. Why did I ever go on that firearm forum and talk about my guns???? What was I thinking???)

No, we love our president (arrgh, gag, argh). Our government is doing everything they can to protect us, we don't need to do anything. (barf - gag)

Ok that pretty much sums it up. I have to go reload......I mean send a donation to Oba---gag----argh---- barf...

What I am saying is do you really want to go on a public forum and discuss your security? Shrinks are now saying that vets with bug out bags have a mental problem.

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