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Thanks for all the input and the recoil pad/shooting jacket/rolled towel message is coming in loud and clear: will definitely try them in the towel, pad, jacket order....

Pulling the rifle in tight:
I did pull it in as tight as I could: one thing I remember from shooting clays. Was it tight enough? I think so.
However, I got some fairly unforgiving injuries to my upper body courtesy of a car driver who was unable to notice 300kg of bike and biker before he pulled out, so it means that my right arm flexion is not as strong as my left and so, it may not be as tight in the shoulder as is the case for "intact" shooters.

Bench shooting:
Yes, I thought this may result in more punishment, but right now my barrel control is such that trying to hit a target at 20m was hard enough!! If my goal was to zero the scope, I needed stability. It was the same with pistols. Now I'm a respectable shot with those...
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