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Not a single United States Police or Sheriff's Department or any U.S. LE agency I know of trusts, or has ever trusted Taurus, enough to protect the lives of their officers or citizens.
In my day we called that a, 'Clue'.
In my day, we called that a, "fallacy of appeal to authority".
I have had problems with S&W's, and Colt's. However, my Stainless Model 85 has been without any mechanical problems. No matter what brand name of gun you buy, you's pays your dollar and you takes your chances.
Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you only pay more for what you get.
Three shots are not a "group"...they are a "few".

If the Bible is the literal, infallible, unerring word of God...where are all those witches I am supposed to kill? (Exodus 22:18)
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