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Stoegor Condor with a shell holder on the stock with Federal 000. When I move into my next home, I'm gonna use my new to me Mossburg 500 Slugster. Possibly getting a side saddle. Might use both guns.

My double also is a hunting gun, the Slugster might get used for deer for a day this season.

I like your idea of a Saiga 12, reliability of an AK action is good and their slight accuracy problem doesn't matter as much with a shotgun. If I already didn't have three 12 gauges, I'd be interested in one. But they aren't cheap, around here an unconverted bone stock Saiga goes for $400-$500 new. I seen a beat up converted Saiga .410 forsale for $500 at a flea market. People are crazy. And a Saiga 12 drum is expensive, the biggest you can really get is 20. The 30 rounders are crazy expensive. And unless you are going up against alot of people that are good, I don't see a situation where 30 rounds will help. A good regular gun holding 5+1 or whatever ought to do the trick at a much cheaper price. Get a side saddle and a shell holder if you want the extra rounds. And if you get a Mossberg you can get the extended magazine that holds 8+1 I belive. That with the side saddle and shell holder gives you 20 rounds. If you are lucky, you can find a kit that converts them to use 10+1 drums. But are rare and expensive, probably not worth the cost.

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