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OK... I'm not going to tell you that having a boatload of guns laying about the house is dumb... 'cause others have pretty much beaten me to it.
I will admit, that may have been a little idiotic of a idea.

I'm not sure the 10-30 rds is all that necessary, unless you live in a big house on some serious property... and are expecting zombies. Big sideways jump from a Saiga to a Mossy pump... why?
You don't buy into that racking the slide on a pump BS actually scares people... do you?
Don't forget the Mossy 930 SPX... Not a Benelli or FN, but a very nice semi-auto for the money.
believe me, I do not buy into that myth, all pumping the gun will do is give the intruder the opportunity to shoot you to death. And the reason for the jump is the fact that I know that a Mossberg can cycle low recoil ammo, and is inexpensive and lightweight, and, correct me if i'm wrong, the 930 is nearly 9 lbs.

You really got that hi-cap thing goin' on don't ya'. Why? You expecting a tac team?
Flashlight reducing muzzle flip? Man... that must be one heavy flashlight.
You don't want to "illuminate the way"... you want to illuminate the target, then shut the light off and move to cover... you should know the way blindfolded.
Red dot on a 10 yard or less human target? Maybe a little overkill... again, you might live in a house with 30 yd hallways... I don't know.
Red dot and hi-cap mags- better to have something and not need it, than to need it but not have it.

Flashlight- Illuminate the way was a expression that I didn't mean seriously, and my house is too cluttered to rely on memory to walk in(Just moved.)

Flash light as a Compensator- I felt that I would be ridiculed even more than I am now for wanting to compensate a Five Seven.

There are holo sights for the USP.
Got no issues with a light... but again, muzzle rise is a bit of a reach.
Got no issues with the .40 for HD.
Again, stupidity on my part.
True dada art right here ^^ -"|Pistol calibers| all suck, so pick the one you shoot best."

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