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Two dogs to wake me if I'm asleep, one 226 if I need to defend myself, and a cell phone to call the cops.

I could keep my AR ready to go, but I doubt a tactical team is breaking into my house and if it were a tactical team, I'd be screwed anyway.

Something to consider gunnut, while it may sound optimal to have guns stashed around the house, if they're hidden but easily accesible it's likely the bad guy in your house will find them. So if you're not home, that means either collecting them all up and putting them in the safe every time you leave, then putting them all back when you get home. Otherwise that's a whole bunch of guns you've just given to the BG robbing your home.

While hopefully at that point you will have an alarm, that does not deter all BGs. Nor does knowing someone is home. So they may proceed to ransack your house anyway even if you are home, so all those hidden guns are just weapons for the BG to find and use against you. Unless you happen to be in the room that the BG breaks into.
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