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Pickett's division was carrying out General Lee's orders. Not General Pickett's. The reason it was called "Pickett's charge", is because the men that marched across the field that day were mostly General Pickett's men. As a side note, Pickett hated Lee for the rest of his (Pickett's) life for destroying his division and "killing his boys".
I stand corrected.

Wow. I thought Lee would have thought better. After all, he has expertly orchestrated the Yankee whipping at Fredericksburg. Did he show any unusual symptoms at Gettysburg? Like fever, nausea, headache or stiff neck?

Because viral meningitis was prevalent on both sides and can really wreck havoc on a tactical officer's thought processes. And the road leading to Gettysburg from Chancellorsville was paved with a stifling summer heat and mosquitos.
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