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1. Bush - knowing the AWB wouldn't get through Congress and thus saying he would sign it - that's the pure hypocrisy we see on the gun issue. If it is a basic right you support it. If you think it is a danger to society, then you are against it. Otherwise, you are not someone with a strong moral foundation. Being clever in politics is what's wrong with most politicians.

2. Why I don't like Mayor Bloomberg:

Also, read the editor's reply. However, Bloomberg, who I have no use for, at least says what he thinks. When it comes to basic rights, no weasel words.

As far as natural law - that's a giant debate for the basis of human behavior. I'll just watch that one for a bit.

Again, as Bart points out - there are measures that have surface validity - like waiting periods. Empirically, they have done nothing.

A well run NICS might have caught Cho. Could he have gone a different route perhaps? We can't tell the negative cases with disturbed individuals like him.
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