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Originally Posted by SerenityNetworks
...why in the world didn't at least one man rush the guy? A whole theater of cowards! Really! I thought American men had learned something on 911. I guess not. I'm ashamed...
And I submit that it ill becomes you to so blithely hurl the appellation "cowards" at people who have endured the vicissitudes of an event like that in the Colorado theater. The tactical problem presented was a heavily armed gunman in body armor, in a large, dark, crowded room, with obscuring smoke and in the midst a bunch of panicking people. The average marginally trained (if that) private citizen, even with his usual concealed carry gun, is unlikely to be of any help.

Originally Posted by SerenityNetworks
...In CHL and HD classes it is emphasized over and over that you must have the proper mindset or you shouldn't carry...
Is that the extent of your training? If so, perhaps you should consider some further training that includes Force-on-Force or simulations before you pass judgment.
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