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Got to digging on this 91/59

I almost sold this rifle. But I had mixed feelings about it, so I started looking around the web and on the nagant site. Seems I may have a 91/59 that is just a tad rare. The basics is its a numbers matching Tula manufactured hex receiver. manuf. date is 1932. It has a lite colored beautiful stock with one repair near the end right above the cleaning rod. The bore of this rifle is very good and is not counter bored. I told a guy at work I would sell it to him about a month ago, then when it came down to it I told him I didn't think I wanted to let it go. He wasn't very happy, but in the end I was. So what do ya'll think this thing is worth? Is it as rare as I think or am I just thinking I have something I don't. I'll try to get some pics posted.
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