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I would suggest (and mebbe I'm alone in this) that you consider learning safe reloading habits/methods rather than choose components by "if I make a mistake". Use the powder that best suits your intended purpose with the bullet of your choice, and learn how to reload it safely.

I check every powder charge in every case I reload. I visually inspect every case before I seat a bullet. And there are other "tricks" to safe powder charging; my sized/primed cases are sitting in one reloading block on the bench and as each one is charged, it is set in another reloading block. Then before I seat the bulets I pick up the block and either use a Mini-Maglight or bright desk lamp, look in every case. There's a bunch of methods/quirks to making sure only one powder charge gets in each case, an I'm sure some will be added (flip-flop cases, powder check dies, etc.)...
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