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The .357 Sig has less recoil than the 40 S&W and 45 acp, this is easily determined by shooting; however some people subjectively confuse blast with recoil, so then use an objective calculation.
The power factor PF calculation is bullet weight x bullet speed / 1,000
Run that calculation and the result will show the .357 Sig to have less recoil than a comparable 40 S&W or 45 load (Ranger T vs Ranger T) out of a comparable size pistol (Glock 32 vs 23 vs 36).

Why it's not popular? Price & availability. Some people want to walk into a mart to buy ammo, others have discovered that ammo can be purchased online (assuming you don't live in one of those restrictive places ).
Criminals and psychos are mobile and my show up in "good" areas unexpectedly, carry accordingly.
Carry the gun you would you would prefer to defend your life with, in the off chance you have to.
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