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Well, I picked up my threaded barrel on Friday and the shop let me put a few rounds through a silencer to see what the fuss was about.

I tried two.
One was hand made by some Finnish guy. It is long, like 25cm long, made out of plastic, with a removable baffle system for cleaning. All the baffles were some kind of plastic and when I quizzed the range guy about longevity he shrugged, saying that he uses one on his Mosquito and no baffles have failed, despite no steel plate. However, he did say that the first section of the silencer was some sort of blast chamber....

The second was hand made also, but by a local club owner. Simple, cheaper(er) and functional.

This longer model is allegedly, according to my range contact (who sells them), the "best silencer in the world"!!

True? Who knows... However, it is good. It was the better of the two. Both dull the shot to perfectly comfortable levels. Not a "Shhh" (), more of of a "piishh"!!

I'd like the better one, but at twice the price, I may just plum for the cheaper one....
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