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To: Sure Shot Mc Gee
Revolver is big how original, it is not miniature.
Ammunition 4mm M20 makes firm Dynamit Nobel RWS - Germany.
Shooting on 10m=10.9361ya, convenient pro indoor training.
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I am sorry for grammar, I write over PC Translator.
Starr SA 1863 .44 org., Whitney Navy .36 org., Zimmerstutzen .117 org., Colt Lightning .44-40 org., Lancaster Hammerless 12ga org.,GEW 88,Tryon .45 DP,Sharps Carbine and Sporting .45 IAB,D.H.Hilliard .40,Barlow .40,Cub Dixie DeLux .32 DP,Colt 1861 Special Musket .58,Billinghurst .451,Gallager .54,Hatfield .32 DP,Rigby .451,Shotgun Coach 12ga.DP,Endfield .58 PH, Tingle .36

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