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Awerbuck Stage II Handgun, June 4-6, mid Atlantic region-WV

Louis Awerbuck of Yavapai Firearms Academy, Ltd. (“YFA”) will hold his Tactical Handgun-Stage II class at the Anvil Rock tactical range near Lewisburg, WV, June 4-6, 2010, (FRI.-SAT.-SUN.). The class is not a basic course and requires his tactical Stage I handgun course or the equivalent as a prerequisite. There are numerous other courses from several good instructors that can satisfy the requirement. The YFA website is for more information on Awerbuck, his training philosophy, course description, often imitated moving target systems and more.

All Awerbuck courses are defensive fighting with a firearm instruction, not solely shooting oriented. Tactical Stage II handgun uses a relatively high round count in YFA classes, and it encompasses practical marksmanship, gun-handling and tactical thinking. This is an opportunity to refresh your skill set for CCW carry, improve rusty skills from prior training and going beyond the basic level in tactical training within the Awerbuck training philosophy and technique.

The class costs $550 per space with an application and deposit of $325 received six weeks before course start. The ammunition guidelines are 800 rounds for the primary handgun and 150 for your back up handgun. Depending on the individual participant, some may expend a total of 800 rounds with primary and back up; others may shoot more or less. The range is an excellent facility for this kind of training and charges a daily range fee of $25.

Class sign up is through the class coordinator who can be reached at or go to the website schedule section for more information at . Awerbuck is excellent at diagnosing and remedying shooters’ problems in equipment and/or technique.
For those interested in the tactical Handgun-Stage I, the prerequisite for any more advanced classes, there will be a tactical Stage I handgun at this same facility September 10-12, 2010.
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