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Israeli Combat Training. South Florida

Internet forums are a hard platform to get a point across as people have no feel for the intensity, the training or the combat mindset involved with Israeli Combat Training.

I invite and challenge anyone who has an interest in taking what they know about tactical shooting and combat mindset to a level that will allow them to push through the extreme psycological and physical stress of an attack. I train you to attack your attackers at every opportunity and to never give up.

Israeli Combat Training is not focused only on making sure you survive a fight.

Our focus is to train you to the point where when everyone else is running away from the active shooter attack, you are running towards the attack in order to prevent further killing of innocents. Not Rambo training...not hero training. Combat Training based on Israeli counter terror techniques.

If this is a level of mental and physical training you are searching for, please contact me for additional details.

Money tight? Don't pay me. If you like the training session, we can work out payment details for months to come. I do not care about immediate payment and I trust in your honesty.

This is my passion and this is what I do best.

I spent the better part of my adult life in Israel working with the security establishment (IDF infantry and Israeli Border Police.) That alone does not mean I am worth a damn but that is my experience.

Again, I challenge you to test me and I expect you to train hard and fight for your life.

Come and visit my website. Ask questions.

Ben Goldstein
Founder & Head Instructor

Training sessions offered daily in the evening as well as on Sundays all over South Florida. Training is also offered every 2 months near Memphis TN.
Ben Goldstein
Sgt (Res.) Israel Defense Force
Head Instructor & Founder - Israeli Combat Training
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