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Tactical Point Shooting Class/Indianapolis, August 7

Matt Temkin and 7677 will be in Indianapolis at Eagle Creek Range on Saturday, August 7th for a one day Tactical Point Shooting class. Matt and 7677 have posted on numerous firearms forums promoting point shooting (threat focused) not as an alternative to sighted fire but as an important complementary skill set. Cost $175. For enrollment details and lesson plan contact me at

Start and End Time: 8:30am – 5:00pm

Be on the range by 8:30am to load your ammo, gear up and make ready, we start shooting right at 9am both mornings.
30 minutes for lunch

Equipment to bring:

Eye and Ear protection mandatory
Pistol with minimum of 3 magazines, 5 magazines are recommended
Holster & magazine pouch
500rds of ammo (minimum)

As we all know, ammunition is becoming scarce and more expensive. If you have a reliable .22 pistol (with a corresponding suitable holster) OR a .22 conversion kit (e.g. an Advantage Arms 19-23LE kit), feel free to bring and shoot it. We strongly recommend that you shoot at least 150 rounds from your carry gun.

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