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New Training Technology

Hey everyone,

I'm currently a student at UCLA's business school and I'm doing some research for an idea in competitive shooting training. It’s a new technology developed in cooperation with the Marines near San Diego to train recruits and accelerate their marksmanship skills. It monitors EEG, EKG and breathing rates to help a user identify the optimal moment to take their shot.

Proven successful in research, the Marines have recently implemented it into Private level and upward training. We think it has potential in competitive shooting and law enforcement training. What we need is a little market research to gauge interest.

So we developed a short questionnaire (that does not require nor collect personal information) but will tell us a little bit about what the average shooters are interested in. It takes less than 5 minutes and has pictures of the product. I appreciate anyone who can take a moment to answer it.

The link:

As a side note, this is a legitimate request for an education based research project. If you are not interested, please disregard. But thanks in advance to anyone who can contribute.

Rob Rubio
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Class of 2010
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