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CO/WY - Tactical Pistol Class May 22/23 2010

Upfront disclaimer, I don't work for CSAT, nor is CSAT teaching this class. I simply passed their tactical pistol instructors course in October, so I'm offering this as a CSAT certified instructor.

There was a thread kicking around on pistol courses over on AR15 a few days ago and I chimed in. There were some posts and PMs expressing interest in me teaching the course that I learned at CSAT in October. I'm thinking probably in either the Mar-May time frame. This will be held in the north Denver area, approximately 160th and I-25.

Some of this is to test out new equipment (video) and a couple of other things, so the cost will be minimal, (under 100.00, mostly to cover targets, materials, etc). You'll have to have modern, functional equipment and a fair amount of ammo (700 - 1000 rds). An important part is that unlike previous range sessions, this will have to be 2 consecutive weekend days, so if you can't commit to that, please don't speak up.

Approximate gear list will be:

- Pistol with 3 magazines (5 or more suggested)
- Belt with holster and magazine pouches (quality Kydex such as CompTac, Raven Concealment, Bladetech suggested)
- Weapon cleaning kit (cleaning rod, bore brushes, patches, rags, cleaning & lubricating oil, toothbrush)
- Hat, Rain or inclement weather gear
- Wraparound Eye and ELECTRONIC Ear protection (electronic ear pro is under 50.00 now)
- Water / Snacks (we’ll take an hour lunch break around noon, but we do NOT LEAVE THE RANGE)
- Sun Screen (non-greasy or water resistant recommended)

I suggest that you wear comfortable shoes, and clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Here is a list of folks currently signed up. Due to range size and limited personnel resources, we're limited to ten folks per class. The first class is full, but I'm building a standby list and we're already discussing a second class. Please let me know if you're interested andif so, send me an email so that I can put you on the distro list.

1) Wulf202 (in person)
2) Parf (in person)
3) mah827 (AR15 01-01-2010 13:19mst)
4) BadShot (COAR15 01-01-2010 14:38mst)
5) HBARLeatherneck (AR15 01-01-2010 15:30mst)
6) Rampy (AR15Armory 01-01-2010 17:24mst)
7) Vern23 (AR15 01-01-2010 19:04mst)
8) jim02 (AR15 01-01-2010 18:48mst)
9) longrange2 (AR15 01-01-2010 22:33mst)
10) thedave1164 (AR15 01-02-2010 20:33mst)

Standby list:
11) Ridge_Runner_5 (AR15 01-02-2010 20:33mst)
12) Batteriesnare (COAR15 01-02-2010 21:35mst)
13) +1 Standby for MAH827 (AR15 01-02-2010 22:30mst)
14) lowbeyond (AR15 01-03-2010 15:21mst)
15) 9mmJ (AR15 01-07-2010 09:45mst)
16) RedBlueLitez (AR15 01-07-2010 22:58mst)
17) ar15shooter (COAR15 01-08-2010 08:36mst)
18) trlcavscout (COAR15 01-10-2010 21:11mst)
19) jz2008 (COAR15 01-11-2010 0943mst)
20) peon roach (COAR15 01-11-2010 21:14mst)
21) razor11056 (AR15 01-13-2010 13:45mst)
22) welkers (COAR15 01-13-2010 16:06mst)

Please feel free to let me know what comments/questions you have by PM or email so as not to clutter up this thread. Thanks!
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