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FIGHT! Unarmed Combatives - April 10, 2010 -

Most people cannot carry a gun legally everywhere they go. Therefore, it is important that you know how to defend yourself unarmed because odds are you may very well find yourself without a firearm when you are confronted by one or more assailants.

Fights almost never take place how most people think they do. That is, a fight is never fair and you will probably find yourself reacting to the situation very quickly as opposed to being able to think things through. Unlike most martial arts systems which rely on speed, power, and stamina, we will teach you how to defend yourself using natural body dynamics using the least amount of effort possible with maximum results.

As we get older our bodies do not move the same, and quite honestly some of us get out of shape. So, what are our options for defending ourselves? Well, that is exactly what this course is about. Participants are not required to be “physically fit” although it is an advantage.

In addition, a fight is not a toe-to-toe event. It is unlikely that you will be able to pull off some fancy technique that you may have learned in some martial arts system. Ideally you want to end the fight as quickly as possible. Our unarmed combatives course is designed to accomplish that goal. However, it is important that you have good fundamental skills to build upon.

We will teach you body dynamics that you can potentially knock someone back several feet and end the fight literally with one blow! In other words, all of the “flashy” things you may have learned in a martial arts system probably doesn’t work in the real deal. If you don’t have any martial arts background… GREAT! We will train you from the ground up - literally.

Course Curriculum.
• Mindset
• Understanding the elements of a fight
• Rituals of attack
• How fights really take place.
• Fighting postures
• Distancing (close, medium, and long)
• Timing (relative to distancing)
• Angling (Directions of movement)
• Punching and kicking effectively. No fancy kicks here!
• Elbow strikes
• Balance points and how to break someone’s balance
• Falling to the ground safely and getting back up.
• And much more…
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