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FIGHT! Defensive Knife

March 9, 2010

A large number of people carry knives on a daily basis. This course is designed to learn the basics of how to use your knife in a life threatening situation. Since knives are legal most everywhere this course is a must for those who carry a knife on a daily basis.

Fighting someone who has a knife is a very dangerous thing to do. Your opponent does not have to be skilled with a knife in order to inflict serious injury upon you. Contrary to popular belief, you are more likely to die from a cut or a stab than from being shot. Many people believe that if you cut or stab someone “in the right spot” they will die instantly. Truth of the matter is that they may have up to 90 seconds to injure or kill you although their wound may be fatal. Are you willing to bet your life on what you think you know about how to use a knife in a fight? This course is a must for anyone who carries a knife for self-defense purposes.

We will cover stance, cutting patterns, blocks and deflections including empty hand defense. You will have the opportunity to spar with others in order to practice your skills.

This course is a one day course and costs $125 Course length is 8 hrs.

Course Curriculum.
• Mindset
• Discussion regarding the elements of the fight.
• Understanding the limitations of the knife in a fight.
• Understanding how most life threatening situations really take place.
• How to properly deploy your tool into the fight.
• Fighting postures
• Proper grips
• Targeting
• Distancing
• Timing
• Angling
• How to deal with multiple attackers with knives or guns.
• And much more…
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