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Close Quarters Survival Seminar- June in Denver

Course description:
This course will teach student how to survive a close quarter gunfight through the integration of hand-to-hand, movement, point and sighted fire techniques, as well as emergency trauma first aid. By course end, the student will be able to hit any point he looks at out to 7 yards or so, from any position, without using his sights.
When: Sat/Sun June 13-14, 2009

Where: Private range in the Denver area.

Instructors: 7677 and Steve Camp (aka 'steve2267')

Cost: $350.00 ($300.00 if deposit made by 5-17-09)
Deposits of $100.00 will secure your slot for this event. In addition, if your deposit is received by 5-17-09:
  • Your total cost is ONLY $300
  • AND you will receive a firstline blowout kit including
    • Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T)
    • Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD)
    • S-rolled Gauze
    • Petrolatum Gauze
E-mail me here for physical address to which you can send the deposit or for online payment. Blowout Kits will be available at cost to those who are unable to make a deposit by 5-17-09.
Start and End Time: 8:30am – 5:30pm
  • Be on the range by 8:30am to load your ammo, gear up and make ready, we start shooting right at 9am both mornings.
  • 30 minutes for lunch
  • Due to location, we recommend you pack a lunch, though I am looking into having sandwiches or subs (grinders for you east coasters) catered out to the range.
  • Directions will be provided upon receipt of deposit or payment in full

Equipment to bring:
  • Eye and Ear protection mandatory
  • Pistol with minimum of 3 magazines, 5 magazines are recommended
  • Holster & magazine pouch
  • 1000rds of ammo (minimum)
  • Airsoft pistol if you have one (Airsofts will be supplied on a limited basis.)

Equipment Notes
  • As we all know, ammunition is becoming scarce and more expensive. If you have a reliable .22 pistol (with a suitable carry holster) OR a .22 conversion kit (e.g. an Advantage Arms 19-23LE kit), feel free to bring and shoot it. We strongly recommend that you shoot at least approximately 300 rounds from your carry gun.
  • A limited number of Advantage Arms .22 conversion kits for Glocks are available. Please contact Steve for details.
  • For you 1911 shooters...
    • A .22 conversion kit for 1911 may be available.
    • A Ruger 22/45 pistol could possibly be made available.
    Contact Steve if one of these options would make the difference for your being able to attend.
  • If you’re not able to find ammo, contact Steve.
  • If you’re unable to bring your pistol, contact Steve.

Description of skills covered:
  • The draw stroke
  • Shooting throughout or at any point in the draw stroke.
  • One handed garment clearance
  • FSA Pointshooting
    • Point shoulder
    • ¾ hip
    • ½ hip (aka Elbow Up/Elbow Down: [EU/ED] )
  • Quick Kill Handgun
    • Two handed
    • One handed
    • Quick Kill hip – multiple threats from the hip
  • Two handed Sight and Threat Focused shooting Techniques (Quick Fire)
  • Sight/Fight Continuum:
    • When to go hand-to-hand or gun.
    • When to use the sights or threat focused technique.
    • The necessary amount of extension for a given distance.
    • Subconscious Competence, Programming and the OODA Loop
    • Action vs. Reaction and the role “Taking The Initiative” plays in winning a gunfight.
  • The Zipper, Focal Transition, and Failure to Stop Drills
  • Ready positions:
    • One handed ½ hip
    • Two handed compressed
    • Modified SUL
    • Covert
  • Movement techniques:
    • Getting off the ‘X’
    • Hiding behind a wall of bullets
    • Lateral movement
    • Parallel Tracking
    • Movement vs. Stand and Deliver
    • In Quartata
    • Pivots
    • Movement Drills
      • Multiple Threat Drill
      • Threat Identification Drill
      • The ‘S’ Drill
  • The Final Test will be Force on Force with Airsofts utilizing the previously covered training from "in your face" out to 21 feet.
    A 90 minute presentation and practical (i.e. hands-on) HOWTO use a trauma / blow out kit. In a short time you will learn the skills you can use to stop life threatening bleeding as well as what to do in the intervening minutes prior to arrival of Law Enforcement and EMS to save you're own life, if you are involved in a shooting incident. Taught by a paramedic with 14 yrs experience, and a responder to the Columbine High School Incident, this module will cover:
    • Introduction
    • Why is immediate care important
    • Combat wounding
    • How we die from wounds in combat and the order that we want to address wounds
    • Tourniquet and use of them (we will be using the C-A-T tourniquet)
    • Improvising a tourniquet (e.g. with a triangular bandage)
    • Direct pressure and wound management
    • Breathing

Suggested Lodging
  1. The range owner highly recommends the Super 8, Comfort Inn, or Brighton Inn in Brighton, CO that are closest to the range. He says they are very new, offering clean, spacious rooms.
  2. If you were to fly into Denver Int'l Airport, here is a map showing lodging near DIA (I'd tend to avoid the motels adjacent to I-70 and Pena Blvd.)
  3. Motels at E. 120th Ave at I-25 in Thornton, CO would be closer to downtown Denver, and also have a wider selection of restaurants and things to do Saturday night.
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