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April 25-26, 2009 - Point Shooting Progressions - Sloughhouse, CA

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April 25-26, 2009
Point Shooting Progressions
Sloughhouse, California

Force on force training has proven beyond any argument that the traditional shooting range methods are simply not suitable for reactive gunfighting. In this course, Suarez International Specialist Instructor Roger Phillips will teach you the "Fight Continuum".

Roger has studied extensively with Suarez International. He has also researched virtually every threat focused shooting system for many years. This course distills it all into one well thought out and extremely applicable system that dovetails neatly into the regular Close Range Gunfighting matrix, presenting the full aspect of the integration of sighted and unsighted fire at CQB distances.

Duration: 2 days
Ammunition: Approximately 1500 rounds (Minimum)
Requirements: Pistol, Carry Holster, 3 Magazines and Magazine pouch and Range Safety Gear
Instructor: Roger Phillips


Due to the economy and the price of ammo, the PSP round count "minimum" can be adjusted to the individuals situation, preference, and goal. The more that I teach this course, the better I am getting at bringing the students skill to a very high level, with less and less ammo. What started as a 1800 round course, has comfortable changed to a 1500 round, and is now completely doable at a 1200 round course. This stream lining of the curriculuum leads me to believe that students will soon be able to shoot the PSP with 1000 rounds.

As I said, this is all up to you. You can shoot 1000 rounds or 1800 rounds. The students that shoots a higher round count will probably walk away with a more solid skill set. But if ammo expense is holding you back from taking the PSP, I am here to tell you that I can teach you what you need to know with 1000 rounds.

IMHO the physical skill sets (ie:shooting) are very important. But it is the intertwining of the physical skill sets with the mental aspect of the fight that is the true value of the course. This is what the course is all about. Once you own the concepts of what I teach, the actual "up keep" training expense to keep it ingrained is very inexpensive. This up keep can be done with .22 conversion kits and airsoft guns. As long as you understand the "grip continuum" and the effects of the convulsive grip on recoil control, you only need to shoot full powered live fire periodically.

Do not let the initial ammo expense keep you from learning the things that you need to know. Look at the big picture....the long run in ammo savings.
"Situations dictate strategy, strategy dictates tactics, tactics dictate techniques.....techniques should not dictate anything."
Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts
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