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Bill Jeans Handgun Classes: Boise, Idaho June 2009

Bill Jeans (Morrigan Consulting; )will be teaching a basic and intermediate defensive class near Boise in June 2009. The class will be held in Emmett, Idaho, about 30 miles from Boise. Please contact me for further information: benglandcom.2 AT

June 20-21 (Weekend): Defensive Handgun
This course will supplement the handgun concealed carry licensee or concerned citizen’s training with defensive gun-fighting skills based on the Modern Technique of the Pistol. It is an introductory level course directed toward shooters with little or no formal defensive handgun training but far exceeds a “basic pistol” course. Course material includes practical marksmanship, ballistics, a proven gun handling methodology, continuity of fire, malfunction clearance, mental conditioning for combat and more. Note: This class meets the Florida State Concealed Weapons Permit training requirement. Course fee is $350.

June 22-24 (Mon-Wed): Intermediate Defensive Handgun
This course will supplement the law enforcement officer, handgun concealed carry licensee or concerned citizen’s prior training with gunfighting skills and tactics based on real-world experience. It is NOT an introductory level course and Morrigan Defensive Pistol or a like course from a competent provider is a prerequisite. Course material includes refining practical marksmanship and gun handling skills, emphasis on shooting with movement, refining the speed/accuracy equation, extended range shooting, multiple threat management, use of cover/concealment , low light shooting and shooting from concealed carry if desired. Course fee is $500.

Bill Jeans is a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, long-term law-enforcement officer, and SWAT operator. He has been a firearms instructor since 1980 and is a former Rangemaster at Gunsite, besides teaching at Thunder Ranch.
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