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Basic M4 /Tactical Carbine Course 12/28/2008 in Virginia

Folks this will be the last OPEN enrollment Carbine class in 2008 for PTTA & CCJA. We will be shooting on Steel and Paper from barricades and vehicles. We can shoot out to 500 yards on the Carbine range.

*NOTE* If you bring (2) paying students you can take the course for FREE!

Hope to see you on the range!


December 28th 2008
Prerequisite: None

Class Size: 15 Students Max

Instructors: Tom Perroni & PTTA & CCJA Staff Instructors

This course is designed to develop a solid foundation of shooting skills with the carbine. The student will exercise these skills in a variety of shooting situations. The student will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase their skill level with the carbine and using it in tactical situations.

The following topics will be discussed during the course:

• Safety
• Nomenclature
• Armorer Maintenance & Proper Lubrication
• Fundamentals of shooting: Stance, Sights, Grip, Trigger Control
• Malfunction Drills (Tap, Rack, Fight) Status Check
• Magazine Changes & Weapons Handling Skills
• Multiple shoots, Multiple targets, Shoot, Move Communicate
• Shooting on the move, Shooting reactive targets
• Shooting behind cover and from barricades
• Transition from Carbine to Handgun
• Breaking Contact & Peeling Left & Right (Bounding)

Ammunition Requirements: 500 rounds of (.223) (5.56) Factory carbine ammunition And 200 rounds of pistol ammunition. We will be selling Remington 5.56 ammo in this class.

Gear List: (5.56) Carbine & sling, three carbine magazines, a magazine holder for your carbine magazines, Handgun & three magazines, strong side or drop leg holster, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, baseball type hat, knee pads and weapons cleaning kit, tools and quality lubrication,& Hydration system.

Course Cost: $150.00

This Course Includes training each day and the PTTA Patrol Rifle AR-15 / M-4 Course Book. After successful completion of the course the student will receive a training completion certificate. Course starts @ 9:00am @ 1380 Central Park Blvd, suite 208 Fredericksburg, Va. 22401

For More Information or to sign up for the course contact Tom Perroni at:

Perroni’s Tactical Training Academy & Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy - (540) 322-3000 or (540) 846-7088
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