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Combat Focus Shooting & PTTA


December 8th & 9th 2008

Prerequisite: Basic Pistol Course
Class Size: 15 Students Max
Instructors: Rob Pincus & Adjunct Staff Instructors

Combat Focus is an intuitive shooting program that is based on the study of empirical evidence from real violent encounters and builds on the body's natural reaction to an attack. At the ranges that gun fights typically occur, Combat Focus is the most effective way to engage your threat with a handgun. This two day course empowers students by encouraging them to embrace their bodies natural reaction to a lethal threat and work with it to neutralize that threat as efficiently and effectively as possible. The Combat Focus Technique is not hip-shooting, in fact, the only significant difference between using this technique and sighted fire is the focus of your attention at the moment the trigger breaks.

You are much more likely to be caught off-guard by an aggressive attacker in close quarters and low-light than you are to be confronted by a truly lethal threat in broad daylight standing 30 yards away in front of a dirt berm.

This course is features a significant amount time discussing what happens during dynamic encounters and dissecting each shooters performance.

Ammunition Requirements: 1,500 rounds (minimum) of factory loaded ammunition.
Perroni’s Tactical Training Academy will not be selling ammunition at this course.

Gear List: Pistol, hip holster, three magazines, magazine holders, sturdy belt, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, Baseball type cap.

Course Cost: $400.00

The Classroom portion of the class will be held @ PTTA Classroom 1380 Central Park Blvd Suite 208 Fredericksburg, Va. 22401. 9:00am The Range portion will be held at The PTTA Range in Stafford. For more information or to register for this course contact Tom Perroni:

Perroni’s Tactical Training Academy & Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy or (540) 322-3000 or (540) 846-7088
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