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Last Minute Opportunity: Florida

We have had to reschedule a course in Florida at the last minute because of a problem with the range we were originally scheduled to use. The move from Orlando to the American Police Hall of Fame Range in Titusville has created the opportunity for students to attend at a discounted rate! If interested, please contact I.C.E. Training ASAP:

2 Day Combat Focus Shooting Course August 9th & 10th
Round Count 1200
Normal Price: $450, Last Minute: $350

2 Day Adv. Pistol Handling August 11th & 12th
Round Count 700 rnds
Normal Price: $500: Last Minute: $350 w/ CFS Course also

A last minute opportunity for you to join into a small course lead by I.C.E. Staff Instructor, and former Navy SEAL, John Brown. John is a lead instructor with Rob Pincus' I.C.E. Training Company, was a member of the staff of the Valhalla Training Center and was a lead firearms and tactics instructor at SEAL Qualification Training at the Naval Special Warfare School. The Combat Focus Shooting Program has been integrated or adopted by various law enforcement and military entities around the US and Europe and has been taught to thousands of civilian students. Combat Focus Shooting is designed to work well with what the body will do naturally during a dynamic critical incident. Combat Focus Shooting combines elements of traditional sighted fire techniques with more intuitive defensive shooting styles in order to maximize efficiency. Through the course and the drills used within in it, students will start to recognize their own Balance of Speed & Precision so that they can use the appropriate amount of deviation control for any plausible defensive shooting situation.
The Advanced Pistol Handling Course is all about learning how to utilize your defensive pistol in the most efficient and consistent ways. APH covers reloading, one handing manipulations, malfunction clearing and a variety of unorthodox shooting positions including kneeling, grounded at various angles, seated and shooting from behind cover. The APH Course establishes the fundamentals that can be integrated into a student's training and practice for the rest of their lives.
To express interest in joining either the Combat Focus Shooting or both of these courses at this special last minute price, email I.C.E. Training at within the next 48 hrs! Students will be contacted no later than Monday, August 4th to confirm their registration and other details. A 25% deposit will be required at that time, full payment will be due at the start of the course(s). For more information about I.C.E. and Combat Focus Shooting, visit
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