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Stringer & Associates Up-Coming Classes

Stringer and Associates

*NEW* Hosting class for ITC - Gun Retention
Innovative Tactical Concepts is an upcoming leader in the firearms and self-defense industry. In this course students will learn how to execute proper gun retention. The tactics are simple to learn but are very effective against an attacker of greater size and/or strength. One of the worst things that could happen to those who carry a firearm concealed is to have their gun taken away and used against them. This course is ideal for both civilians and those in Law Enforcement. What
will you do if you find yourself struggling for your gun in a life threatening situation?!

(Please note, this is NOT a live fire course! We will be training with inert guns.) For more information please visit our website.

Cost: $225.00 (16 Hrs)
Date: Jun 14 & 15 Location: South River Gun Club - Covington, GA

Skills Development: The Carbine -1 ($150)
The primary objective of this course is to develop the skills necessary to function with a modern carbine in a defensive situation. Course will consist of zeroing the rifle, understanding the off-set of the sights, developing marksmanship and manipulation skills, shooting platforms and positions, engaging targets at contact distances out to 100 yards (space available), multiple target engagements. The afternoon will be spent on movement. This class is great for new and advanced shooters.
Start Time: 9AM Course length: 8 to 10 Hrs.
Date: July 13th Location: Fort Valley Gun Club-Fort Valley, Ga.

Heartsaver CPR 2005 Standard: (Course price is $75)
These are AHA certification courses. HS CPR courses cover CPR, intervention for choking and the signs of heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest and foreign body airway obstruction. Certification is good for two years. Instructors: W. Stringer
10AM – 3PM Students: maximum of 12
Date: Aug. 2 Location: The Bushido - Griffin, GA

Modern Defensive Techniques: The Kusari-Fundo
This flexible weapon gives the phrase “Force Options” a whole new meaning. This item can be a projectile, a snare or a mace type weapon. This Traditional Japanese weapon lends itself to many modern day items. If you would like to learn more about this weapon and improvised weapons come join us for this dynamic seminar. Instructors: W. Stringer (3rd Dan Go-Shin Jutsu Ryu, 5th Dan Shao-Lin Ryu), J. Felker (4th Dan Bujinkan Ninjutsu)
Cost $50 (5 Hrs.) 10PM – 4PM Students: maximum of 12
Date: Sept 13 Location: The Bushido - Griffin, GA

Defensive Shotgun Skills Development: ($175)
This course will introduce the student to the defensive capabilities of the modern shotgun. Topics covered will include accessories (sights, extended magazines, slings, etc.), speed loading, moving and shooting, use of cover, multiple target engagements and more.
Course length: 8-10 Hrs. Students: 4 min.-10 max.
Ammunition: 30 x Slugs, 25 x 00 Buck, 50 x #7 1/2 Shot
Start Time: 10AM Course length: 8 to 10 Hrs.
Date: Oct 11th Location: Fort Valley Gun Club-Fort Valley, Ga.

For more information on these and other classes please feel free check our web site:

Course prices subject to change without notice please contact for current prices.
Payments will need to be by cash or check (made out to Stringer and Associates).
Credit Cards accepted via PayPal.
Registration must be done no later then 30 days before course date.
All payments for S&A classes are due no later then two weeks before class date.

Office: (770) 860-9739 Cell: (770) 630-3331
William Stringer:
Web Site:
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