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Innovative Tactical Concepts Training Facility

We are pleased to announce that we are opening a training facility in Dayton, OH. The facility is not a shooting range. It is an indoor facility in which we can teach year round. Our Home Defense course is growing on a regular basis. So much that we are going to hold at least one class a month, and as it continues to grow (which we know it will) we will offer more classes. The training facility will have a mock house (1,200 -1,500 sq ft.) with movable walls in it in order to change floor plans, as well as to provide space for other training that we provide.

Force on Force training is another item that we are going to be offering out of this facility. We feel that Force on Force training is extremely important in truly preparing oneself to handle a life threatening situation with confidence and maximizing their chances of survival. Please visit our website for Force on Force course descriptions. We have made this training very affordable compared to most others who offer this type of training! As you would expect, our training is nothing short of high caliber!!!

Those of you who are within about an hour or so drive from Dayton, we have made attending training opportunities on a regular basis easy and affordable! For those of you who are not within an hour or so drive, we encourage you to make the drive to come and train with us. We promise you that it will be worth the drive!

The first course will be taught out of the facility on May 11th, 2008. Our Home Defense course is the course that is going to be taught at least once a month. Force on Force courses will begin in June, 2008. In the near future we will be offering these courses more often as well.

We have chosen to teach the Home Defense and Force on Force training at this facility because these are courses are a MUST for anyone who is serious about protecting them selves and those you love!!! Other courses that we are going to be offering at this facility are gun retention, blade craft, hand-to-hand, and expandable baton. Basically anything that we offer that is not live fire.

Innovative Tactical Concepts is not just a “gun focused” school. We are a TRUE FIGHTING SCHOOL and this is what makes our training unique.

Depending upon the response we get, we may offer courses during the week for those who cannot make it on the weekends. So, please be sure to check our training schedule on a regular basis or inquire if you have three or more people who want to take a course during the week.

Not only do we provide some of the most realistic and practical training available, we develop relationships with our students. We don’t just take your money and forget about you until we have another class coming up and hit you with emails. Our students spend good money to come and train with us, and we make every effort possible to maintain contact with them and hold them accountable to developing a home defense plan, and training on a regular basis with their newly found skill set from whatever course it was they took. We care about your life and we want you to continue to train on your own, and some people need a little encouragement.

With that in mind, when you come to train with us, bring someone you know. There are two reasons for this. The first one is because at least you will know someone there and you will be more likely to attend a course. Secondly, once you leave, you will have someone to train with and help motivate you to keep training.

As always, train hard, train often, and train REALISTICALLY!!! And we are doing what we can to provide you with realistic and practical training at and affordable price, the rest is up to you.

Brian K. LaMaster
President-Innovative Tactical Concepts, LLC
Instructor-Counter Force
Modern Warrior Talk
"High Impact Training"
“Serious tactics for serious situations!”
Check our Advanced Pistol Fighting Course out in the April 2008 issue of SWAT Magazine! The article is titled Unarmed and Armed Combatives
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