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First Official I.C.E. Training Company Courses: GA & FL!

Carrying on the progressive training reputation of the Valhalla Training Center, the first two courses that will officially be taught under the I.C.E. Training Company Banner will be in Georgia and Florida next month:

February 15th-17th Combat Focus Shooting & Advanced Pistol Handling, Temple, GA.

The first course is going to be a full 3 days of range work, with a round count likely to approach 2000! The entire Combat Focus and Advanced Pistol Handling Curriculums will be covered. Be part of the debut of a new Era in Progressive Training: The First I.C.E. Training Company Course. For a full course description, follow the link below to the I.C.E. Website.

February 18th-21st Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Development, Orlando, FL.

This second course in the Southeast US will be the first of many that Rob Pincus will be teaching at the incredible new scenario training facility located in Orlando, Florida in cooperation with RPG. As part of the this special course, after the 3 day Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Program and Certification Opportunity, Rob will be joined by Andy Lazeration of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on the 21st for a special Scenario Development and Reality Based Training seminar for all course attendees. In addition to going over the fundamentals of high level reality based training, students will be shown how to make the most out of their training areas and the unique new host facility! For a full course description, follow the link below to the I.C.E. Website.

Immediately following these two courses, Rob Pincus will be participating and teaching at the 2008 Rangemaster Tactical Conference.

SIGN UP NOW by downloading the Registration Form at The I.C.E. Training Website!
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