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LMS Defense Arizona Classes 2007

Dates: August 10, 2007,
Location: Shooters World, Phoenix, Arizona
Instructor: John Chapman
Price: $175.00

The Defensive Medicine course will teach you how to effectively manage life threatening injuries resulting from a traumatic event until professional emergency medical services arrive. Topics of instruction include bleeding control, airway management, shock and brain injuries and other medical issues likely to arise in the aftermath of a life threatening attack or other critical incident. Do you spend as much time training for the treating of wounds as you do to the inflicting of them? The life you save may very well be your own or that of a family member.

Duration: 1 Day

Equipment needed:
- Positive attitude
- Pen and notebook

Prerequisites: None

LMS Defense has added many new classes in Arizona for 2007, with more to come!

Integrated Combat (FOF) Basic Course
Dates: August 11-12, 2007
Location: Gilbert, AZ
Instructor: John Chapman / Yancey Harrington
Price: $400.00

The real reason most of us train is to teach ourselves to gunfight. Your brain does not know the difference between lessons learned in a real gunfight and lessons learned under stress in a force on force situational training session. Our Force on Force course is where you put it all together: stress management, critical thinking, combative skills, shooting and communications. This course will give you the chance to be in numerous fights for your life, and gain the experience which comes with each, in a safe environment. This course will make you develop the mental skills needed to be the Last Man Standing.

Course fees include UTM weapon rental and ammunition costs.

Duration: 2 days

Equipment needed:
• Holster and magazine pouches for Glock pattern weapon
• Pen and notebook
• Hat or other head covering
• Knee and elbow pads
• Eye and ear protection
• Groin cup
• Paintball mask *Optional – Bring one if you want to wear your own.
• Sunscreen or raingear (as applicable)
• Adequate personal water supply
• Sack lunch and snack food (We do not leave the venue for lunch)
Pistol I or equivalent course from respected training provider.

Wilderness Patrolling and Surveillance
Dates: October 14-19, 2007
Location: Casa Grande, AZ / BLM
Instructor: Chapman / Price / Siciliano / Harrington
Price: $1,300.00

This course is designed for the rural state, local or federal law enforcement officer or team, military unit, private security group or qualified civilian who must conduct patrolling and surveillance operations in a rural environment. It is designed to give the individual and tactical team the basic skills required to conduct successful operations in the rural tactical environment. Subjects covered in this course include: camouflage, cover and concealment, individual movement, emergency medical, land navigation, hide sites, observation techniques, tracking, team movement and operational planning.

Course objectives include:

Conduct covert “movement to contact” in order to execute a warrant or seizure
Locate the suspects/objective and determine their composition, disposition, strengths, and gaps
Gain and retain information that will important in “follow-on” operations
Seize, preserve and recover evidence in an austere environment
Increase small unit proficiency
Build leadership
Train individuals in decision-making and distributed operations

Duration: 6 days
Equipment needed:
Large Pack
Patrol Pack
Water proof bag
Entrenching Tool (1 per two persons)
Bush cover/boonie hat
Flashlight w/ red lens and batteries
Knife, folding or fixed blade
Rifle/Carbine/Submachine Gun/ fixed Stock Shotgun
400 rounds of long gun ammunition
Pistol 200 rounds of pistol ammunition
6qt water capacity, any combination of 1 or 2qts. Camel Back is acceptable (2qts on web gear, 4qts. On ruck)
Camouflage face paint
Sleeping Bag
Poncho w/liner
Rain Gear
Sketch kit (Small 3 ring binder, Small loose leaf graph paper, pencils, small
Plastic ruler)
Load Bearing Vest, H-harness, Chest rig,(optional gear, 6 mag capacity)
1 Cartridge belt w/ Pistol Holster
1st Aid kit
Gunshot Trauma Kit
Pruning Sheers
2 Complete sets of utilities/field uniform
6 Pair boot socks
1 Pair boots
6 T-shirts, green/brown/black
1 Set map pens (Extra Fine point) Lumocolor © by Staedler © available at teacher supply stores
5 Sand bags (Burlap)
1 Pocket size notebook
5 Pens, 5 pencils (mechanical)
Silva Compass or Military Lensetic Compass
1 highlighter
10 sheets of acetate (overlay paper)
Spray paint-3 Different colors(green, brown, tan,) NO SHINE
1 Extra Boot laces
50’ 550 cord
Sewing kit
Hygiene gear
Bath towels
Cleaning gear for all weapons
Signal mirror
Whistle (FOX 40 preferred)
10 Chemlights
Extra Magazines
Insect Repellent
Spiral Ring notebook for class notes
10 MREs
Commercial Size Cellulose Sponge, Length 7 1/2 Inches, Width 4 3/8 Inches, Height 2 Inches
20 Gallon Ziploc Freezer Bags
20 Half Gallon Ziploc Freezer Bags

Terrain model kit:
100’ Nylon/Cotton String
Colored Yarns (Red, Yellow, Blue)
3”x5” Index Cards
Scotch Tape
Spray Paint-Small Cans (Black, Blue, Green)
100 Popsicle Sticks

If your high-risk surveillance team is attending, it is recommended you bring a Digital Camera and Laptop Computer.

A majority of this course is conducted in a ‘tactical environment’, i.e. out in the woods. The Gear List is comprised of equipment you will need for this training.


Prerequisites: Basic firearms training in rifle and handgun.

To Register for these and other courses:

or call: 831-236-4690
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