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Glock and M&P Operator's Course with Pat Goodale


We are hosting the above two courses with with Pat Goodale / P.F.T ( at Anvil Rock (Alderson, WV). This first course is the Glock Operator's and it is a 2 day class to be held on a Sat & Sun (June 16 - 17). The 2nd course is the M&P Operator's and this one will held on a Thur & Fri (Aug 23 & 24). Both are very much Handgun I heavy with more advance material including moving targets and scenarios. The course also includes the tactical use and maintenance of the Glock / M&P pistol by the certified armorers on-site.

Info on PFT's Handgun I per say can be found at :

This course if is perfect for Glock and M&P owners who are novices and also those who are looking to better improve their handgunning skills. This class is what I took to prep myself for IDPA and such and it helped tremendously. The difference was night and day, before and after. This class is also perfect for the LE individual who could use the extra regimen.

Pat is one of those few that have plenty to share and pass on to his students from his many years as a Specs Ops and Intel officer with the USMC, where he also taught Weapons & Tactics. Pat has also done much for the LE community where he resides as a LEO and is a very well regarded LE instructor. He comes highly recommended and you can find more information from previous postings:

Pat's classes are $150 a day for a total of $300 for the 2 days. Equipment recommendations can also be found on the link given above. The facility recently received a face-lift with some additions including that of a Pro Shop, Templar Ridge. The folks at TR can accommodate any ammo needs for the class and one can also pre-order any ammo requirements direct from their web site ( , which is still partially under construction - follow the Ammo Link). TR can also prep any accessory requirements including holsters, mag pouches, sights (Warren Tactical), ears, eyes, etc.

For accommodations, may I suggest the Brier Inn which is located in Lewisburg, a small and beautiful historic town with a host of excellent restaurants and shops. For the most part of it, attendees usually find themselves having dinner together after Day 1, and that kinda makes it easier on the need to find a place.

Anyone interested can contact Pat directly at 540.559.4151 or or you can always email me.

Thanks a mil.
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