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Training in New England

[]Mike Freese Suarez International Staff Instructor will be conducting a variety of courses at the Pinetree Outfitters Range and Outdoor Training area this summer.

"Defensive Pistol Skills"

"Close Range Gunfighting" CRG1

"Bad Backs, Old Eyes & Oversized"

"Bug Out Survival"

"Survival Medicine" (Taught in conjunction with "Bug Out Survival")

"Revolver Close Range Gunfighting" 2 Days

" Revolver Concepts" 1 Day

" Defensive Rifle Skills Intro" 1 Day

" Defensive Shotgun Skills"

" Defensive Rifle Skills" 2 Day

* Pinetree Outfitters Training area is located in a scenic wilderness location just Northeast of Bangor Maine.

* Maine is a Gun Friendly state, not like our neighbors to the south!

* Located "Off the Grid" the secluded location allows non-traditional training that would not be possible on a public or club range. No audiences!!

*The S.I. Defensive Pistol Skills and Close Range Gunfighting courses are the basis for most of our S.I. training. Intense and thorough they provide comprehensive instruction in gunfighting skills.

*Our "Bug Out Survival Course" has been designed along the Post Event scenario. A combination of Defensive Combat craft and urban Survival skills this course is informative and challenging.

The Firearms, Edged Weapons/tools, and Survival gear Labs, are a highlight for many students.
The labs give you the chance to handle, use and familiarize yourself with numerous pistols, rifles, knives,axes, saws, as well as various survival gear and systems. Learn what fits and works and what doesn't without having to buy it first!!

*Our Survival Medicine Module, is taught by full time professional paramedic and S.I. student Jeff Vaughn and is offered in conjunction with "Bug Out Survival". Course content is geared to disaster preparedness situations.

* Train with us, and Vacation in the beautiful state of Maine. Close to Acadia National ParkURL=""][/URL and Bar Harbor, bring the family and enjoy an affordable vacation.

Maine is an easy state to navigate and get around in. Days are warm and nights are cool for sleeping.
Hope to see you this summer!!!

For more information or to sign up go to suarezinternational.com

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