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Point Shooting Progressions - May 12-13, 2007 - Boulder City Nevada

This course is now two weeks away (see annoucement post above.) I spent the day working on target stands.

For the guys coming out, I wanted to let you know that if you want to get some work in with your back up guns. This will be an excellent opportunity for that.

Point shooting is all about the urgency of the shot and dynamic movement.....the perfect context for work with your back up gun.
Everybody needs an excuse to go to Vegas and here it is.

I have come up with a few hotel options depending on what the students want to get out of the trip to Vegas. You can stay in Boulder City, which is a quite small town five mile outside of the Vegas Valley. There is no gaming in Boulder City and the hotels are a little more "quaint."

Right in between Boulder City and Vegas we have Railroad Pass. This is where many of Gabes students stayed during CRG and CRGII. Decent rooms, casino, and resturants at a decent price. It is pretty isolated though. Approx. 8 miles from the range

For something a little more we have The "Fiesta." This is a "locals" casino in Henderson. Much nicer rooms, casino, and restuarants. Walmart ammo supply a couple of miles away. Approx. 13 miles from the range.

If anyone needs to entice the significant other with a really nice casino we also have Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa. Aprox. 15 miles from the range.
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