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Point Shooting Progressions - May 12-13, 2007 - Boulder City Nevada

May 12-13, 2007
Point Shooting Progressions
Boulder City, NV

Force on force training has proven beyond any argument that the traditional shooting range methods are simply not suitable for reactive gunfighting. In this course, Suarez International Specialist Instructor Roger Phillips will teach you the "Fight Continuum". Roger has studied extensively with Suarez International. He has also researched virtually every threat focused shooting system for many years. This course distills it all into one well thought out and extremely applicable system that dovetails neatly into the regular Close Range Gunfighting matrix, presenting the full aspect of the integration of sighted and unsighted fire at CQB distances.

Duration: 2 days 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Ammunition: Approximately 1500 rounds (Minimum)
Requirements: Pistol, Carry Holster, 3 Magazines and Magazine Pouch, Range Safety Gear
Instructor: Roger Phillips
Location: Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club, Boulder City NV.

$350.00 ENROLL HERE http://www.suarezinternationalstore....ROD&ProdID=313

Point Shooting Progressions Course Overview

The “Fight Continuum” React as you need to react, see what you need to see, and move as you need to move.

This course comes directly out of my experience in Gabe’s “Interactive Gun Fighting” course. Immediately after the course I went out looking to train with the very best point shooters in the country. This course is a direct link to my findings while training with Gabe, 7677, and Matt Temkin. This course is designed to make a shooter the very best that they can be in regards to point shooting with dynamic movement. It is designed to make the shooter more well rounded and completely versatile inside what is now being called “The Fight Continuum.” After this course you will be able to use your hand/eye coordination to make combat accurate hit from any angle, from any position, throughout your one and two handed draw stroke, with whatever movement is necessary. This course is designed to fill in the gaps in prior sighted fire training so that the shooter can seamlessly integrate sighted and unsighted fire into one “simply shooting” concept.

Precision sighted fire

Flash sight picture shooting

Ten elements to threat focused shooting

Alternative line of sight sighting methods

Quick fire

Introduction and benefits of below line of sight point shooting

Mid point of drawstroke point shooting

Count Three point shooting

Zippering throughout the two handed drawstroke, integration of sighted fire

Focal transition drills

Two handed “Hammer,”

Two handed multiples at appropriate distances with appropriate extension, integration of sighted fire

Introduction and benefits of one handed point shooting

Completely versatile drawstroke, elimination of stance dependence, and the use of the visual centerline

Line of sight point shooting (FSA point shoulder)

One handed below line of sight point shooting

FSA three quarter hip

FSA half hip

Elbow up/ Elbow down

Progression of elbow up/Elbow down

One handed zipper, integration of sighted fire

Focal transition drills

One handed “Hammer”

One handed multiples at appropriate distances with appropriated extension, integration of sighted fire

Introduction to controlled movement and sighted fire

Fluid Situational Response

Get the heck out of Dodge movement and the use of cover with sighted fire

Get out of the “Kill Zone” drawstroke

Four elements of accurate shooting with dynamic movement

Movement must have “purpose” lecture

Preparation for movement to “sectors”

Dynamic movement while fighting in all directions from varying distances with varying extension

Introduction to feints, jukes, cutbacks, and elliptical movement

Put it all together “S” drills

Plus a lot more……1500 rounds minimum…..if you want to shoot more, bring more!
"Situations dictate strategy, strategy dictates tactics, tactics dictate techniques.....techniques should not dictate anything."
Roger Phillips, Owner and Operator of Fight Focused Concepts
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