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2007 Quantico Guest Instructor Program

4-6 May Pat Rogers Carbine Operators Course $510
WAIT LISTED ONLY! This class filled up from Pat’s website.

9-10 June John Farnam Urban Handgun/Rifle $530

2-4 September Louis Awerbuck Shotgun Level 1 $530

5-7 October Jeff Gonzales Carbine Operators Course $630 (Please DO NOT register for this course through Jeff’s website!)


1. 100% tuition is required to register for a course, sent via a check or MO. Send the check/mo, made out to QSC, Inc, to QSC, Inc, Box 212, Quantico, VA 22134.
2. Email me at when you send in your check/mo. I’ll confirm receipt with the club, and then email you directions, hotels, etc.
3. Please read the following very carefully! If you cancel within 30 days of the course, you will forfeit your registration fee IF I can not backfill you off a wait list. Guys, this rule will be applied both hard and fast. QSC hosts professional instructors that expect to be compensated for their expertise. We need to make it worth their while to keep coming back.

Thanks, and see you on the range!

John Murphy
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