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There is nothing under federal law to prevent one non-prohibited person from purchasing a firearm as a gift for another non-prohibited. IOW, if Al (fictitious, but not a prohibited peson) goes down to Frank Fletcher's Famous FFL shop (fictitious, but I like the alliteration) and sees a pistol that he thinks would make a great gift for Bob (also fictitious, also non-prohibited). Alfred can buy it, mark himself as the actual purchaser, and go give it to Bob. I'm sure that Bob will be very happy. However, if Bob gave Al some money and asked Al to go pick up that nice gun from FF's FFFL shop, then Al would not be the "actual purchaser" within the meaning of the relevant laws, and cannot make the purchase. If he does so, he has: (a) engaged in a straw purchase; and (2) would have to lie on the 4473 where it asks if Al is the actual purchaser. These are big no-nos, as in felony-type no-nos.
Out of curiosity, is it the same deal if Al gave the gun to Bob, and sometime later Bob gives Al money as a "thank you"?
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