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I remember a story from a while back - it happened in the East - where a homeowner shot an intruder breaking into his home. The intruder fell from the second story window and was permanently injured. He sued the homeowner for lost wages because he was now unable to pursue his career as a criminal - AND HE WON the judgement!

I heard about a similar trial where a cat burgaler(how is it spelled?) tried to gain access to a home via skylight, he fell in and landed on some knives and was wounded, somehow managed to win, based on the fact that the knives shoud not have been there.

As far as I am concerned, the fact most states(if not all) make shooting a running intruder in the back illegal, doesn't that pretty much rule out any element of suprise in a HD situation?

Does anyone know if new mexico has "stand your ground laws". just curious, don't plan to shoot anyone anytime soon.
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