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Nugent pleaded guilty to a criminal act. Tom Servo mentioned the clip of Nugent making his "suck on this, Hilary" remarks. His conduct in both of these incidents, and many others shows poor judgement at best in my opinion. I have seen him interviewed; I've heard his vitriol. He is an embarrassment to many of us who support the 2A, and he does not speak for me. The argument that we have all sinned, and the other side is guilty of more egregious tactics does not make this man an acceptable spokesman for those of us who believe the right to keep and bear arms is best advanced by intelligent, rational, and legal means. We have made real advances in recent years in changing laws and minds regarding the right to keep and bear arms. Gun waving, obscenity screaming, law breaking "rock stars" may work for some, but not for most IMO.
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