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Stopped by the store today. They are shipping it back to S&W themselves, hopefully the turn around might be a bit faster as they are a rather larger retailer for S&W. The guy said this is the first issue with these he's had and the others he has sold have been fine. He was convinced I was limp wristing. Towards the end of my shooting I might have been, I was just blasting rounds cause I was angry, but this is not my first 1911 and not even my first S&W 1911 and I never had those issues before.

I will update this when I get it back.

FWIW, if I were function-testing a repaired 1911, I'd choose to use factory ammunition that runs more toward the upper end of the normal power levels for 230gr ball or hollowpoint loads.
I agree with you, however if it won't run with cheaper factory ammo I don't want it regardless. The most this can be for me at this point is a fun gun. I do not feed my fun guns expensive ammo.
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