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Recrowning my Enfield

Hey Ya'll,

I want to recrown my Enfield. This rifle is used to hunt with. I had 3 inches cut off the barrel long ago, but the smith didn't put much of a recess in the muzzle if any at all. When I clean it the inside edge of muzzle is so sharp it will shave a brass cleaning rod if I let it contact that inside edge. I will have to buy the tool from midway to do it, And I was wondering which type of recess to put in it. Believe it or not that old bird will shoot moa as it sits now, so I definately don't want to make it worse. The rifle never shot that well until I cut the barrel down, it used to shoot 1.5-1.75" groups at a 100. Here is a pic of the muzzle as it sits now.
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