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Oh, well that makes sense. I wouldn't order from Botach again is they were the last magazine supplier on the planet.

They don't stock hardly anything. Some things they do get a quantity of and run specials on... then they are okay.

The vast majority of products on their website are not in stock and take MONTHS to receive - if you ever get it at all. They have no customer service to speak of... try calling and talking to someone... you'll get an answering machine every time.

I ordered my Sig P229 22LR conversion kit from then when they had some on sale a while back. I did receive that order in an acceptable time frame. I've tried to place 2 other orders of multiple items that clearly show in stock on their website, only to find out that they do not actually have them. Estimated wait times were around 12-15 weeks.

Took me over 2 weeks just to get someone to confirm the order cancellation, and another 2 weeks for the charge to be taken off of my card. This is not a unique experience either. Google for Botach reviews (we even have a Botach thread on these forums in the seller reviews area.)

Botach is very bad juju, my friend. I'll gladly pay the extra 7-8 bucks per magazines to order from someone with a good reputation.
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