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I'm pretty positive McMillian makes their own barrels not sure about Barret. Gale McMillian has had several records set using his barrels when he was making barrels IIRC.

Originally Posted by accurateshooter
Gale McMillan, of McMillan Stocks fame, was one of the finest barrel-makers and benchrest shooters of all time. Here he argues that elaborate barrel break-in procedures do more harm than good.

It's hard to go wrong with any good custom barrel these days. I personally prefer Bartlein, just because GAP uses them, i like their contours (GAP #7), and they aren't overly expensive not that others are. But usually Kriegers are around 400$ around here and 350$ or so on the net. Krieger doesn't carry a M40/M24 contour either unless they've updated their site and i haven't noticed. The GAP #7 is really to my liking just slightly smaller than the M40/M24.

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