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Local PD lost Form 1 Application

So a buddy from work and I both did SBR projects. We live in different cities around the Phoenix area, so we both turned the paperwork in to our respective local PD's for sign off.

After nearly 2 months of waiting, his local PD is stating that they can't find his paperwork and suggested that he resubmit. So now he has to pay for getting fingerprints and passport photos redone, but more importantly, there is now a lost folder with all of his personal information - photos, prints, address, social security number, etc...

The PD is just brushing him off like "Oh, I don't know, I guess it could have been sent to the wrong department, but there's nothing I can do about it. You'll just have to resubmit. Maybe keep an eye on your credit report to make sure that nothing strange happens."

Is there any kind of recourse for this? How can they be so careless with confidential information like that? I tried to search for anyone having a similar experience, but the results gave me things about reporting lost firearms to police and such.

Is this a common occurrence?!
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