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I consider barrel slugging and cylinder throat measuring a part of shooting lead bullets. To turn it around, why would you not want to know your gun? Do you know what size tires your pick-up wears? I know what size the cylinder throats measure on 4, .44 Magnums, 2, .38 Specials, and 1, .357 Magnum. Almost the other firearms I own have had their barrels slugged (except my .22 rimfires), just for my own information, besides, it's really easy. A major plus, besides accuracy, is I rarely have to clean any lead outta my barrels. It's easy to do and I enjoy working on mt guns. good info for measuring our gun...

Or, you could be like my wife when I asked her where the starter is on her new Acura; "In the hole in the side of the steering column, silly!"
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