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The only item I ever ordered from Botach before was the Sig P229 .22LR conversion kit. I don't recall having a bad experience, so I wasn't leary about ordering from them.

I saw that they were now having some coupon codes - "slickmag" for Magpul PMAGs at $11.89 or something like that... or "Facebook2012" for 10% off your entire order.

I went ahead and ordered the new Magpul STR stock($100) and the Geissele SSA-E trigger($200). The 10% off code brought my order down to $270. I look at it as spending $100 for the stock and getting the trigger for $170(which is awesome. It's nearly impossible to find it below $198).

We'll see how they do. I'm a little discouraged to see the results here, but hopefully they're doing better these days. I see that they are frequently advertised on
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