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Well it's been almost 2 years since i made this thread, just a week away now. And my final conclusion is set. From my personal experience. This is the best autoloading shotgun i've used.. period. It's light, accurate, comfortable ergonomics, and goes boom every time. I've put this gun through hell and back, sunk it in water, broke 3 inch ice, burried it in mud as i used it for a brace when i was falling, from 15F ice to 70F mud.. the works. Fact is i've treated it like my 870 wingmaster, which is another shotgun that in my experience has been unstoppable. There has been one moment when i thought it was going to stop working but it just kept going. That particular day the recoil spring in the stock was soaked with water and sluggish and when pressing the bolt release the action was sluggish to chamber a round, but as i said it never failed. It cycled fine, and fired every time. All these test were with a minor swap of oil in the breach to keep it fresh, no thorough cleaning of any kind.

Other than the finish on the barrel of this shotgun and the White Bead i'd have to give it a 10 out of 10.

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