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people here are starting to get quite riled about this. I think the OP is just trying to understand the situation. as he said he said he believes in live and let live so he is probably addressing the question here on an anonymous forum rather than asking a potentially volatile question face to face with his neighbors. I dont understand why everyone is personally attacking the OP.

I have had anti hunting, tree huggers try to corner me into an argument over the ethical implications of taking another life and I'll simply tell them that I am no more guilty for murdering a deer by squeezing the trigger than they are of killing a cow by picking up a pound of hamburger at the supermarket.depending on how far they try to push it I sometimes have to close by saying I have the privilege to hunt that is protected by law and that the same law that gives them the right to go vegan should they choose is the same law that lets me slap a nice juicy venison steak on my table at night. then I usually leave all grouchy and go take my aggression out a bag of empty pop cans in the back of my pickup
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