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like RL7 in .35 Rem and .375 Win with jacketed bullets, tryed to make it work under the Gould cast boolit but not working out so far. I agree, it should work. Wonder why my .375 Win liked it and your .38-55 didn't? Now that you mention it I have a load I want to try, mebbe about 40-42grs under the Gould boolit. Plenty of zip, not much pressure. Seem to recall seeing some 3031 on the shelf as well. Thanks, my friend. I think I'll give our old favorite RL7 another try.
Don't know why the 38-55 did not like it, other than it had a bore dia. of .379 and the bullets dropped from mold at .375 and had to be very soft to orbitrate. I did have a .375 (Ruger number 3), that shot well with Rx 7, same bullet. One never knows, I guess. They are so close, that it did not make sense to me either.
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